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Headlight Children & School Services

The Headlight Project provides support for families and individuals who have suffered a traumatic bereavement. Working with children and on request from schools, they offer one-to-one counselling, play therapy and emotional resilience programmes.

Mental Health, Stress / Anxiety, Wellbeing

Mental health affects us all because we all have thoughts and emotions that can sometimes be difficult to understand and manage. We will all face difficulties at some point in our lives that challenge us. Anything from the pressures of daily life, going to a new school or job, losing friends, money problems, relationship issues, caring for ill relatives to losing the people we love, accidents, sudden changes in our circumstances …. Some of us unfortunately, can suffer mentally and emotionally and it can difficult to pin point the cause or reason and this too can be very difficult to manage, we often feel alone in this and can’t really explain what this is like to those closest to us.

The Headlight Project aims to help those facing the above issues. Supporting them but also helping them build the resilience they need to move forward and handle life’s challenges.

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