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Every Mind Matters: Self-care for young people

It's fair to say the past two years have not exactly been easy, and many of us are feeling uncertain or anxious about the future. But there's loads of things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing, and taking any time you can for self-care is massively important, especially now.

Mental Health, Stress / Anxiety, Wellbeing

Knowing what steps we can take to support our mental wellbeing can help us feel better, sleep better and have better relationships with the people around us – and that goes not just for today but for the future too.

Check out Every Mind Matters videos for all sorts of tips on exercise, sleep and how to take care of yourself on social media.

You will also find links to help for groups of people who may be finding things particularly tough, or have additional needs, and support with some of the issues you may be facing.

More ideas to help

If you’re after more info or ideas about any of the issues dealt with in the videos above, there’s plenty of great help out there.

Young Minds has tips and real stories from other young people, as well as advice on coronavirus and mental health.

The Mix has more advice about looking after yourself online when it comes to stress or worries from social media, as well as a whole section to help you with your sleep.

You can check out the Anna Freud Centre for information about exercise as mental self-care if DJ Malik got your attention.

Childline’s Calm Zone has a load of ideas to help you chill out, de-stress and embrace the calm.

And if you’re worried about COVID, it can really help to know the facts. The government has social distancing guidance written specifically for you, in collab with people like you, on how to help you stay safe.

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