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17th, February 2015

High Tide Cadetship Gets Underway

This month a new cohort of young people embarked on an after-school programme designed to introduce young people to the world of work. Twelve youngsters from five schools across Redcar are taking part in the scheme which focuses on Teesport and its role in the wider industrial community.


High Tide Cadetship 2015 Teesside

The programme gives participating students an insight into global supply chains and explores the vast amount of career opportunities within the transport and logistics industry. Each week the students will visit a number of different businesses around the port following the life cycle of a product from overseas to the shop floor.

Companies including ASDA, Casper Shipping, David Fox Transport and PD Ports will be involved in the after-school sessions. As part of this programme the group will also have the opportunity to take a trip on the Harbour Master’s launch vessel to get a different perspective and see the Port from the River Tees.

Kevin Shakesheff, High Tide Foundation Chairman, commented: “Since the cadetship was established last year it has gone from strength to strength. This year we are planning to run four schemes throughout the year to provide more chances for youngsters on Teesside to take part. It is hoped that this scheme will give the young people a glimpse of the world of work and spark their interest in the maritime and logistics sectors.”

The High Tide Cadetship began in 2014 with two running within the year. This group is the first of four that will run through 2015.

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