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30th, November 2016

Featured Member – Thirteen Group

Industry Insight

Tell us about your company…

Thirteen Group is a landlord of scale in the North East, managing 32,000 homes across the Tees Valley and wider region.

Together our partner landlords: Erimus Housing, Tees Valley Housing, Tristar Homes and Housing Hartlepool, provide quality homes for rent and sale as well as improving neighbourhoods through innovative schemes. We also offer a vast range of support and specialist services for vulnerable people facing a range of challenges through our specialist arm, Thirteen Care and Support.

Parent company Thirteen offers strategic direction, overseeing the partner organisations in the group. At the heart of Thirteen lies a certainty that opportunity comes about when we’re willing to see things differently. So we avoid well-worn thinking, work hard to resist making assumptions and look for the potential in everyone. We are passionate about what we do – and we believe making a difference has got to be worth the time and effort it takes.

Featured Member - Thirteen Group

How did you find out about the High Tide Foundation and how long have you been involved?

We found out about the High Tide Foundation through our professional relationships with PD Ports, and have been involved for over three years.

What was your reason for becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation?

We became members as we are passionate about employability opportunities for the young people of Teesside. We understand the value of raising aspirations in young people and ensuring they are aware of the opportunities offered in the Tee Valley and the wider region.

What support have you provided to High Tide?

We have been involved in the Summer Scheme (now Experience Works Programme) twice, offering work placements for students during the summer academic break. This gives students the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience and build business and life skills.

What are your plans for your involvement in High Tide in the future?

We continue to support High Tide, and keep updated on the progress and initiatives being offered. We are keen to be actively involved where appropriate, including the next wave of programmes and schemes.

Are you a business in Teesside or the North East like Thirteen, who are looking to give back to the community by offering work experience placement or apprenticeships? Do you think you could help us provide knowledge of your industry by offering your assistance through our many programmes? If you are interested in becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation, then please get in touch.

Contact our General Manager, Lauren Bywater, on 07834 176945or email

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