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20th, December 2016

Featured Member – Handelsbanken

Industry Insight

Tell us about your company…

We are a local bank built around traditional banking values where providing high quality customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Handelsbanken believes in building long term mutually profitable relationships with local businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on providing a refreshingly different approach to the main high street banks; for us the customer is important and we will treat you as an individual.

How did you find out about the High Tide Foundation and how long have you been involved?

David Robinson, from PD Ports, came over to our office and talked about High Tide, detailing how it started and its ambitions for the future. We’ve been a member for around two and a half years.

What was your reason for becoming a member of High Tide Foundation?

The branch is based in Middlesbrough, the staff are local to the area and we are keen to develop close links with the community in which we operate. High Tide was a fantastic opportunity to work alongside like minded companies and individuals, with a view to promoting Teesside as a great place for the next generation to live and work.

What support have you provided to High Tide?

We have joined forces with Casper Shipping and have participated in the last two summer work placements (Experience Works Programme). We have hosted between four and five children each year for a day (part of the weeks placement during their time with Casper).

What have you gained from your involvement with the High Tide Foundation?

It’s been mutually rewarding working, albeit briefly, with the children each year. This year one of the students we hosted last summer, contacted us separately to arrange a weeks works experience with us this summer, which we have accommodated. 

What are your plans for your involvements in High Tide in the future?

At present, as we are a four person office, we would like to continue our arrangement working with Casper Shipping and being part of their placement week. As our office grows in size in the years to come, we will consider a greater involvement with the charity.

Are you a business in Teesside or the North East like Thirteen, who are looking to give back to the community by offering work experience placement or apprenticeships? Do you think you could help us provide knowledge of your industry by offering your assistance through our many programmes? If you are interested in becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation, then please get in touch.

Contact our General Manager, Lauren Bywater, on 07834 176945or email

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