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Discovering Careers: Law


Age: 14+

Do you want to know more about the careers that are out there? How do you get `experience` in a job? What do employees actually do day to day?

This exciting career discovery day will connect you with professionals from the Law sector. You will have the opportunity to hear the professionals speak about their job roles, how they got there and hear advice about how to get your dream career!

While each session is sector-focussed, our one-day discovery virtual placements offer insightful interactions and a quick overview of industries in our region. This structured and employer initiative is delivered entirely live and online, helping you to explore the world of work directly from the classroom. There’s a focus on discovering sectors and raising aspirations, with an emphasis on the varied roles in each industry.

Covering a range of different sectors including Business, Media, Law, Finance, Engineering, Maritime and Automotive, High Tide offers real-life insight into industries across the Tees Valley. Since 2012, our programmes have provided unique and life-enriching experiences that help young people engage with employers, increase understanding and improve skills.

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