Connecting classrooms with careers across the Tees Valley.

In Partnership with

Without their help and support, we wouldn’t be able to deliver meaningful experience, open the eyes of students, build aspirations or demonstrate why we’re so passionate about the Tees Valley.

So, here are just ten reasons why we love our Corporate Partners so much…

  1. They offer incredible work experience opportunities for our students
  2. They share their wisdom outside of the workplace too, during in-school sessions
  3. They’re experts in their field, meaning young people can see the best in industry
  4. They’re keen to reduce the skills gap in the Tees Valley
  5. They’re passionate about helping young people gain the skills and experience needed to keep developing talent in the area

  1. They support youth even outside of their work with us, offering award-winning apprenticeship programmes and training schemes
  2. They help us during events like the Big Give Ball and Afternoon Tea

  1. They do some brilliantly bold activities to fundraise, such as Jerry’s mammoth Ironman challenge and Michael’s Race to the Castle
  2. They use every opportunity to talk about our work together at events and networking sessions all over the Tees Valley
  3. And they never stop showing us the love!

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Our Corporate Partners

Casper Shipping
Jacksons Law Firm
PD Ports