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2nd, September 2016

Student Success Story – Scarlett Lancaster

Student Stories

Tell us about a little about yourself…

I went to a state secondary school in Redcar called Rye Hills and I am now studying A-Levels at Prior Pursglove College.

I study Spanish, Law and Geography and would like to continue Law and Spanish at university next year. For career aspects I am wishing to enter the legal profession with my language skills as a bonus to differentiate me in the competitive working world.

How did you find out about the High Tide Foundation?

Through an email sent to all students in my college.

What programme did you take part in and what did you think about your High Tide experience?

I took part in the High Tide London Law trip which all in all was an amazing, unforgettable experience. It gave me extra information of the root into my preferred career and tips from lawyers who have recently finished studying and entered the working world. London is the prime city for law and visiting the golden circle firms really was an eye opener to how key the work of the law is to everyday life. I would highly recommend this experience, even if you aren’t fully sure you see law in your future.

Student success story London Law placement

What impact will your High Tide experience have on you? 

The High Tide experience amplified my ambition and motivated me to pursue my career in Law. Additionally, I am now reassured thanks to meeting a variety of people during my time with High Tide, that despite your background, as long as you’re hard working you can succeed in your career.

What did you learn during your High Tide experience? 

High Tide have enhanced my communication skills and exposed me to several opportunities. Also in my fellow students I noticed a gain in confidence especially those who have never been to London previously.

What were the highlights of your High Tide experience?

The highlight of my experience with High Tide was realising my background in Teesside is an asset, not a burden and as long as I continue to work hard I will achieve whatever I put my mind to. I would do the whole experience again tomorrow!

Are you looking to get into a work experience placement or apprenticeship?

For more information on the London Law Exprience, or any of our other programmes, visit our programmes page. You can also contact our General Manager, Lauren Bywater, directly on 07834176945 or email

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