Connecting classrooms with careers across the Tees Valley.

1st, July 2021

Play your part in helping us inspire more young people than ever before

With more and more businesses placing greater emphasis on their social and ESG commitments, there’s never been a better time to get involved with High Tide.

With the introduction of our virtual programmes which are all delivered online, it’s never been easier to play your part and get involved. All we need is your time, passion and experience to open the doors of your business to young people in our region.

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Across the globe, long-term sustainability is widely being acknowledged as the only viable future for business; a future where companies work together to invest in people, reduce inequalities and make places prosper. Not only is this helping to build a better world, it’s also helping to build better organisations that are open, diverse and a force for good. 

Here in the Tees region, we engage with businesses every day who are playing their part to both increase their own ESG activity and support young people across our region when they need it most. And through High Tide, businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors can connect to classrooms, showcase career opportunities and help shape the future of thousands of secondary school students in the Tees Valley. 

No matter the sector or make-up of your business, you can make a difference. For some that might be contributing to our bitesize taster sessions, insightful inspiration days or more in-depth, sector specific placements. For others, it could simply be taking part in Q&As, providing interview tips and offering virtual site tours. And for those worried about getting involved for the first time, our experienced team can help plan and deliver sessions with you, work with existing programme materials and resources, and provide our full support to help you get started.

Our range of programmes connect students with businesses and bring the classroom closer to careers. These diverse industry experiences focus on not just increasing work-based skills and raising awareness of career choices, but also on improving life skills, changing attitudes and building ambitions.

In the past few months alone, we have connected more than 600 students with businesses across the region. That’s all thanks to the power of our live and interactive sessions, which are inspiring more young people than ever before.  

And it’s not just people at board level who can inspire. We want to work with people at all levels of business — the very people who make organisations and industries what they are — who’ve been on the same journeys that our young people are about to take. As well as meeting CSR and ESG commitments, there’s real value in being involved with High Tide. Working directly with students can improve staff morale, introduce fresh ideas and go a long way to giving back to our area. 

A long time supporter, Nikki Sayer from Casper Shipping, tells us why they support High Tide; “We love being involved in High Tide. A number of members of the team support the Foundation in various ways and really enjoy taking part in programmes.

“It’s a great way to showcase our sector and our business to students who’ve never even heard of shipping or maritime. They often have no idea about the number of careers and opportunities that are right here in Tees Valley. We also find it’s a really enjoyable way to help the team feel involved in giving something back.”

Consisting of more than 150 businesses, our supporters and long-established corporate partners play a crucial role in contributing towards our High Tide programmes. No matter how big or small, they’re key to delivering our unique career programmes and providing experiences that influence the next generation. 

Chairman of High Tide, Mark Easby, said: “From a business and personal perspective, it’s very rewarding being a part of High Tide, whether that’s as part of CSR or personal development. ESG is such a hot topic and it’s high on the agenda for many companies, but this isn’t just for the bigger companies. We’re now seeing lots of small and medium businesses from all sectors getting involved in our programmes.” 

Lauren Bywater, High Tide’s General Manager, added:

“There’s no formal sign up and we work with companies of all sizes. With our virtual programmes, it’s never been easier to get involved. We would just love to hear from you and see how you can support our programmes and join us in inspiring the region’s young people.”

If you’d like to lift the lid on your business, provide a glimpse into your sector and engage with young people, please get in touch. It’s completely free and there’s no membership or formal commitment.

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