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Headlight Project Interview

Published on: 4th, September 2020

Nobody could have ever imagined the turn 2020 would take, or the impact the pandemic and subsequent lockdown would have on our mental health. Suddenly hauled out of school three months before the end of term – with no warning, no chance to say goodbye to friends, and no prospect of a return – it’s no surprise that many young people understandably found the transition extremely difficult.


Sadly, 13 per cent of children aged 5-19 meet criteria for a mental health condition and 75 per cent of lifetime mental health issues have developed by the age of 24. This is something the Headlight Project aim to combat.


Set up in memory of Russ Devereux, who took his own life in 2018, the Headlight Project works in schools to deliver emotional resilience programmes and counselling sessions in a bid to tackle the mental health issues young people face.


As part of Youth Mental Health Awareness Day (September 7th), we spoke to Claire from the Headlight Project to discuss the impact mental health issues have on youths and find out more about the work the charity does in support of this.


This year’s event is focused around the theme ‘Bounce Not Break’ and aims to share tips for building resilience and bouncing back from tough times.


Watch the interview with Claire below, and on our Learning Hub.

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