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16th, June 2016

Featured Member: Lotte Chemical

Industry Insight

Tell us about your company…

Lotte Chemical UK is a chemical company based on Wilton site which began life as part of ICI in 1980. We have undergone a number of changes in ownership but are now part of the Lotte Group, one of Korea’s largest corporations with annual sales in excess of $45 billion.

With two assets, we produce in excess of 340,000 tonnes per year of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin, capable of producing high gloss, highly durable packaging. We currently produce three PET chip products; one offering glass-like transparency, the other a water grade and a fast reheat resin. Our aim is to seek out new ways of meeting our customers’ ever evolving demands for PET. With a unique combination of high glass clear transparency and durability, PET is ideal for presenting products to their best advantage. 

Lotte Chemical logo

How did you find out about the High Tide Foundation and how long have you been involved?

Through contact directly from High Tide but also through companies that were already involved, particularly through our long standing relationship with PD Ports. We have been involved with High Tide since 2015.

What was your reason for becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation?

As part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, LCUK see the High Tide Foundation as a crucial link to helping the next generation understand the career opportunities available to them on Teesside. The Foundation helps students understand the breadth of career opportunities available to them thus focusing their future.

What support have you provided to the High Tide Foundation?

Last year we got involved with the Summer Scheme work experience programme, and we will also support it this year. 

Lotte Chemical building

What have you gained from your involvement in High Tide Foundation?

Having only been an active member for less than 12 months, our experience is limited but having talked with representatives of the Foundation on numerous occasions and having hosted one visit, we have gained the satisfaction that we are contributing to showcasing industries like ours and demonstrating the great career opportunities that are available for tomorrow’s generation.

What are your plans for your involvement in High Tide in the future?

We will continue to support where we can, particularly around the work experience programme and hosting of site visits.

Are you a business on Teesside like Lotte Chemical looking to give back to the community by offering a work experience placement or apprenticeship? Do you think you could help us provide knowledge of your industry by offering your assistance through our many programmes? If you are interested in becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation, then please do get in touch.

Contact our Membership Coordinator, Kim Upex on 07710713314 or email

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