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7th, September 2016

Featured Member – Better.

Industry Insight

Tell us about your company…

Better is an award winning brand agency in the heart of Middlesbrough. We’re a hub of marketing experts, creative gems, web geniuses and strategic gurus who thrive on innovation and imagination. At Better we cover all the really clever stuff that makes brands tick such as brand development, creative design, marketing, web, and social media.

Better Brand Agency logo

How did you find out about the High Tide Foundation and how long have you been involved?

We found out about the High Tide Foundation through the work we do for PD Ports and the wider community on Teeside and have been involved for around five years in total now. Our Managing Director, Mark Easby is also trustee of the Foundation and gives a lot of his time helping to raise awareness of the charity on Teesside, through his existing and new business connections.

What was your reason for becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation?

We believe in the real value that work experience can bring for a young person thinking about what career path to take in the future. Given our connections within our industry and also the wider community on Teesside and in the North East, we knew that we could not only pledge our own time to students who have decided to participate in a High Tide programme, but that we could also generate awareness of the Foundation and what it does, while urging people to join as members to create more opportunities for students who participate.

What support have you provided to High Tide?

We have provided a number of work experience placements over the years that have given youngsters a chance to take that first step into the working world. As well as this, we also assist the Foundation with marketing support, online and offline, which our last Summer Scheme apprentice, Sophie Wilberg actually had the chance of getting directly involved with. She was already keen on following a career in design, studying it at Middlesbrough College; and with some experience with industry design software, we tasked her on a live project in which she was asked to design a poster for the annual fundraising ball. Every student that comes to us gets the added bonus of gaining real life agency experience and can get their teeth stuck into actual marketing or branding projects.

As well as this, Mark Easby, MD at Better also gets involved in various events around Teesside, including a recent event at Nifco in which he hosted a Q&A panel with Jack Holmes and Matt McGough from Ithica Films about their experience of the High Tide Summer Scheme from the viewpoint of apprentice and managing director.

Matt McGough and Jack Holmes from Ithica interview by Mark Easby at Better

What have you gained from your involvement in High Tide Foundation?

It’s so important to invest in our local talent, growing strength in the many disciplines that make up our region. Being involved in High Tide has further solidified our thoughts in that Teesside has a lot to offer in the way of skill. From this we understand that we should continue to give young people a chance and nurture this talent to enable them to follow the career in which they are most interested in. We have employed some of the best young talent in Teesside through taking on apprentices straight out of college education, and we believe that’s where it’s at.

What are your plans for your involvement in High Tide in the future?

We hope to continue supporting High Tide in their current and future endeavours, helping them to raise awareness of the kind of industries that sit alongside the River Tees. Teesside is a thriving hub for talent, and it is our job as Industry Members and High Tide champions to show these youngsters how many different opportunities there are in the place that they live. We believe that work experience is incredibly beneficial to a young person’s development, as well as giving them that helping hand to make that transition from college to work life. Plying them with the required knowledge and all-important skill to enter their first jobs, it is less daunting when they leave college to go into further education or work. This is why we will carry on supporting High Tide and the young talent on Teesside right now.

Are you looking a business on Teesside like Better looking to give back to the community by offering work experience placement or apprenticeships? Do you think you could help us provide knowledge of your industry by offering your assistance through our many programmes? If you are interested in becoming a member of the High Tide Foundation, then please do get in touch.

Contact our Membership Coordinator, Kim Upex on 07710713314 or email

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