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From apprentice to finance trainee – Tom Dorgan

Learn about how Tom was able to use his apprenticeship at Jacksons Law Firm to find a specific interest in finance and follow that interest to a new role as a finance trainee with the support of Jacksons. Not every career journey is a straight path — explore the winding journey you could take.

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On the 30th March 2020, I wrote my first blog explaining why I decided to apply for an apprenticeship. Almost a year and a global pandemic later, I have completed my apprenticeship and have started level 3 in my AAT accountancy course. Despite the various challenges that we have faced as a team, I thoroughly enjoyed my year in an apprentice role, achieving everything that I had set out to: gaining an understanding of the finance department; developing communication and professional skills; learning processes and procedures that help the company function and providing a quality level of service. None of this could be achieved however without the amazing support provided by everyone at Jacksons. I can’t thank everyone enough!

Personally I believe the apprenticeship route has been crucial for my early career progression and really gives me a solid base from which to build on. I would encourage anyone who is unsure of what career path they wish to follow when leaving school to really consider the apprenticeship route. Beginning now as a trainee I don’t think I would have an ounce of the maturity and know what I know had I not taken an apprenticeship as the first step.

To complete my apprenticeship, I had to undertake 5 exams throughout a year’s timescale. The final exam was a synoptic which concluded all the topics we had learnt over the duration of the year. This exam was taken in late August and we received the results in September. It was a relief to finally complete these exams, and we were very fortunate that the course didn’t get too disrupted due to COVID. The college adapted swiftly, we transitioned to online learning quickly and smoothly, all of which was highly beneficial as we didn’t miss out on any learning and could carry on with completing the course.

Now that my apprenticeship has been completed, my title and role has progressed to that of a trainee. Since then a lot of changes have once again taken place.

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